The end is near….

April 17th, 2011

So this post was suppose to come with a lot of pictures, but we had a small crisis this morning when some 250 or so of our images went corrupt.  The crisis has been averted, and all images are present and accounted for now.  However we spent the time that we would have been sorting and editing, searching and saving.  We just wanted to say were starting our last charge down the beach, and should hit Mexico in about 12 miles.  Here’s a few images we had time to edit so you don’t get bored waiting for us.  Our next post will be after completing our year long quest down the coast. Thanks to everyone for all the support along the way.

-The Bums

Almost there

April 14th, 2011

We’re finally out of LA county! San Diego here we come! We’re pretty sure we’ve had our last storm of the trip too.  Sunshine and warm weather from here on.  We also have another honorary trail bum, James.  Here’s just a few of the latest images, much more to come.  We haven’t had time to sort through all the pictures yet, but we wanted to at least toss a few up here.  That’s all for now, time to get back on the beach.  And remember, don’t feed birds to squirrels! (see photo below)

-The Bums

Newport Beach Update

April 8th, 2011

We promised to try and update more and we are! We’ve made good progress since the last post, and now have less then 200 miles to go.  We got to see Venice beach, where for once we kinda fit in.  If anything we we’re some of the more “normal” ones! Here’s a quick selection of our most resent images.  They come from Venice Beach Newport Beach and the surf spot “The Wedge” mostly. That’s it for now. Until the next coffee shop.

-The Bums

Activity Finally

March 26th, 2011

Hurray, there’s finally new work up again!  Its been an adventure since our last post.  Lots of hiding from weather and storms.  We’ve had a few inches of rain at times, lots of hail again, thunder and lightning, and even some snow at one point.  Though if your going to get snowed on, Big Sur is a really pretty place to do it.  We also had our first honorary trail bum, Seth.  We all got snowed in together in the Big Sur mountains, and he decided to hike with us for a few weeks after-wards.  We also met another photographer out of Washington named Brad. (Yes our second cool Brad of the trip) He hung out with us for a few days too, and helped us through some of the less safe road sections of Big Sur.  Pat tried his best to break himself again by face planting on a stream crossing, but he survived.  Luckily the camera he was holding survived as well.  The wildlife is getting a little more wild too.  Besides the seals and squirrels, there have been condors and zebra.  And even a little plastic water buffalo! lol  We almost made it to Vandenburg AFB in time to see a rocket launch, but apparently it was a failure anyway.  It was really fun seeing all our old favorite spots in Santa Barbara, and hanging out with some of our friends that still live down there.  Thanks Tamara and Jose for letting us hang out and play with the puppies for so long.  Now we just have to make it through LA and San Diego, which could prove exciting.  But at least the end is almost in sight now.  1700…ish miles down, only about 300 to go!

-The Bums

Santa Cruz at last

January 28th, 2011

Hello world, we are still alive and moving.  There’s surprisingly little wifi on the coast between Halfmoon Bay and Santa Cruz.  And for anyone else that feels like hiking it, there’s also surprisingly little water!! (Seriously, all the state beaches took out there water to save money!)  Other then that it was a beautiful section of the trail.  The surf was huge, the weather was awesome, and the people have been great. (Bill, hope you got the Harley off hwy 1, and Caroline we’re still down for the skydiving!) This was the first time either of us really got to experience more then just the beach in Santa Cruz, and its been a blast.  Mostly thanks to our new friend Brad (to the bone).  He’s shown us all the highlights of town, gave us a place to pitch the tent, and even loaned us some wetsuits to go experience the great Santa Cruz surf for ourselves. We  also  got to meet and watch one of the current/upcoming surf legends Nat Young, while chating with big wave surfer and three times mavericks champion  Darryl Flea Virostko and his dog Riddle.  Santa Cruz has definitely scored high on our list of favorite cities of the trip.  Until the next time…

-Damon and Patrick (aka The Bums!)

Happy New Years

December 31st, 2010

Hello friends, and happy holidays.  Its been forever since are last post and since then quite a bit has happened.  After making it to San Fransisco we called up are good friend and former classmate Kelley, who happens to have a sweet apartment in the old theater area. After spending some time at Kelley’s it was time to sponge off someone else so we got a ride to Pats parents house in San Jose.  After hanging out eating good food and watching Ninja warrior on tv we finally made it back to San Fran to start our adventure again. We were met with tons of rain in San Fran so we chickened out and had Kelley save us again. While at Kelley’s house she came up with and idea to go to see our friend Sasha who lives in Tahoe.  Tahoe was beautiful but cold. We didn’t have much time to hang out, but still got some good images.  Once back in the bay we started hiking south again. It was quite a strange felling hiking through San Fran after spending nearly a year away from any real city.  We made it out of the bay and into Pacifica were we spent the night on the beach watching surfing in front of what has to be the nicest taco bell ever! (Seriously, it looked like a snow cabin on the beach) With a huge storm on the horizon we ran back to San Jose to spend Christmas and New years at Pats parents.  There we got to visit with some old friends from Santa Barbara.  So, now warm and dry, we would  like to say happy new year to all our friends out there, may 2011 be the best year yet, and may all of your trails be kind!

-The Bums

(Pictures to come…..after the hangover wears off……)

Happy Halloween

November 1st, 2010

Hello again friends we apologize for the lack of updates, but we are bums after all.  We made it to the bay a week or so ago and are now at Pats parents house in San Jose. Thanks to Charlie and Barbara i.e. Pats parents for putting up with us.  Being in San Jose is quite a change from being on the trail. Think hot-tub, swimming pool, and big screen TV, instead of raccoons, top roman, and endless walking. But we are staying in shape riding bikes and playing Wii fit! It was great finally making it to San Francisco. After dodging bikes and tourists through soup thick fog on the Golden Gate bridge we emerged into our largest city of the whole trip so far. There we met our friend Kelly who picked us up and drove us to San Jose. The Plan is to back up all our files and enjoy Halloween here before heading to back to San Fransisco to start hiking again. As always we’ve met lots of great people since our last update. Thanks to all of you for your support.  An extra thank you to fellow photographer Jon for dinner and letting us use the cabin for a night. Definitely the most unique meal of the trip! (Snake and abalone) Check out some of Jon’s wildlife and nature photography on his website We still have a long way to go, but were making good time now (when we are actually on the trail,) and were looking forward to Big Sur and Santa Barbara. Until the next update, goodnight.

– The Bums

Birthday in Fort Bragg

September 27th, 2010

What better way to celebrate your birthday then completing the 50 miles of the Lost Coast Trail along the Humboldt and Mendocino coast.  There were a few days of intense rain, but for the most part its been beautiful out here.  We’ve also met a lot of really great people recently.  Thanks to all of you for the food and the good times.  We finally got to see Glass Beach.  Cool place, but definitely very industrial.  The beach is beautiful, but the town is a little gritty.  Nice people, but gritty.  Thats all for now.  Check out the Whats New gallery for images from the Lost Coast and Glass Beach.  Time to go enjoy a birthday beer! Cheers.

-The Bums

Redwood Clasic 2010

September 8th, 2010

While we were passing through Fortuna Ca (about 16 miles south of Eureka) we happen to find the Redwood classic horse show going on.  Naturally we stopped and shot it.  It was a lot of fun and we met a lot of people.  Take a look at the full gallery here or under the gallery tab above.  For everyone that was there and competing, if you would like a copy of an image just shoot us an email at  Be sure to include the image number your interested in.  And please be patient with us if we don’t respond right away, we have rather limited internet access on the trail.  And if we met you this weekend feel free to comment and let us know where we met.

-The Bums  (Pat and Damon)

were back in action

August 27th, 2010

Finally, at last the website’s back in action that is.  Pat’s finally back from “recovering” at home and on the trail again.  All the pictures from the last 3 months or so have finally been downloaded and edited.  They still need a little naming and categorizing, but at least now they can be seen.  We are going to start a new gallery too with “Whats New.”  Whenever we update the images we will copy it to that gallery so you don’t have to go looking for the new stuff.

As for the bums, we just left Eureka CA heading for the lost coast trail.  Its  a beautiful section of California coast.  Lots of great photos will be coming out of that stretch, so stay tuned.  We need to make a thank you to all who helped get us back on the road and helped replace items “removed by mysterious forces” while in Eureka.  Specifically, Tamara and Damon’s family.  And also thank you to Pat’s dad for putting him back out on the trail.  That’s all for now.  Enjoy the new pics, and look forward to the lost coast (we are)

-The Bums

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