Santa Cruz at last

Hello world, we are still alive and moving.  There’s surprisingly little wifi on the coast between Halfmoon Bay and Santa Cruz.  And for anyone else that feels like hiking it, there’s also surprisingly little water!! (Seriously, all the state beaches took out there water to save money!)  Other then that it was a beautiful section of the trail.  The surf was huge, the weather was awesome, and the people have been great. (Bill, hope you got the Harley off hwy 1, and Caroline we’re still down for the skydiving!) This was the first time either of us really got to experience more then just the beach in Santa Cruz, and its been a blast.  Mostly thanks to our new friend Brad (to the bone).  He’s shown us all the highlights of town, gave us a place to pitch the tent, and even loaned us some wetsuits to go experience the great Santa Cruz surf for ourselves. We  also  got to meet and watch one of the current/upcoming surf legends Nat Young, while chating with big wave surfer and three times mavericks champion  Darryl Flea Virostko and his dog Riddle.  Santa Cruz has definitely scored high on our list of favorite cities of the trip.  Until the next time…

-Damon and Patrick (aka The Bums!)

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  1. Patrick says:

    Hi, Damon and Patrick,
    I’m the Bay Net docent at Steamer Lane who introduced you to “Flea.” Interesting that we were talking about him and then there he was standing next to us. Quite a coincidence.
    Happy to hear you had a great time in Santa Cruz and I hope you’ve found that sheet of Websites useful.
    Hope to see you in Santa Cruz again sometime.


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