Happy New Years

Hello friends, and happy holidays.  Its been forever since are last post and since then quite a bit has happened.  After making it to San Fransisco we called up are good friend and former classmate Kelley, who happens to have a sweet apartment in the old theater area. After spending some time at Kelley’s it was time to sponge off someone else so we got a ride to Pats parents house in San Jose.  After hanging out eating good food and watching Ninja warrior on tv we finally made it back to San Fran to start our adventure again. We were met with tons of rain in San Fran so we chickened out and had Kelley save us again. While at Kelley’s house she came up with and idea to go to see our friend Sasha who lives in Tahoe.  Tahoe was beautiful but cold. We didn’t have much time to hang out, but still got some good images.  Once back in the bay we started hiking south again. It was quite a strange felling hiking through San Fran after spending nearly a year away from any real city.  We made it out of the bay and into Pacifica were we spent the night on the beach watching surfing in front of what has to be the nicest taco bell ever! (Seriously, it looked like a snow cabin on the beach) With a huge storm on the horizon we ran back to San Jose to spend Christmas and New years at Pats parents.  There we got to visit with some old friends from Santa Barbara.  So, now warm and dry, we would  like to say happy new year to all our friends out there, may 2011 be the best year yet, and may all of your trails be kind!

-The Bums

(Pictures to come…..after the hangover wears off……)

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  1. Steve Borges says:

    It’s about time for more trail and less being Bums!

  2. Ted says:

    No mention of the Christmas feast? You bums ate and drank enough to fill an album. Happy New Year Bums!

  3. jhelles says:


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