Happy Halloween

Hello again friends we apologize for the lack of updates, but we are bums after all.  We made it to the bay a week or so ago and are now at Pats parents house in San Jose. Thanks to Charlie and Barbara i.e. Pats parents for putting up with us.  Being in San Jose is quite a change from being on the trail. Think hot-tub, swimming pool, and big screen TV, instead of raccoons, top roman, and endless walking. But we are staying in shape riding bikes and playing Wii fit! It was great finally making it to San Francisco. After dodging bikes and tourists through soup thick fog on the Golden Gate bridge we emerged into our largest city of the whole trip so far. There we met our friend Kelly who picked us up and drove us to San Jose. The Plan is to back up all our files and enjoy Halloween here before heading to back to San Fransisco to start hiking again. As always we’ve met lots of great people since our last update. Thanks to all of you for your support.  An extra thank you to fellow photographer Jon for dinner and letting us use the cabin for a night. Definitely the most unique meal of the trip! (Snake and abalone) Check out some of Jon’s wildlife and nature photography on his website www.jonkleinphoto.com. We still have a long way to go, but were making good time now (when we are actually on the trail,) and were looking forward to Big Sur and Santa Barbara. Until the next update, goodnight.

– The Bums

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  1. Ted says:

    You bums planning to be here for Christmas dinner?

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