Redwood Clasic 2010

While we were passing through Fortuna Ca (about 16 miles south of Eureka) we happen to find the Redwood classic horse show going on.  Naturally we stopped and shot it.  It was a lot of fun and we met a lot of people.  Take a look at the full gallery here or under the gallery tab above.  For everyone that was there and competing, if you would like a copy of an image just shoot us an email at  Be sure to include the image number your interested in.  And please be patient with us if we don’t respond right away, we have rather limited internet access on the trail.  And if we met you this weekend feel free to comment and let us know where we met.

-The Bums  (Pat and Damon)

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  1. Dylan and Jessee says:

    Hey! My friend Jessee and I met you guys under the bridge in Fortuna near the eel river. we’re the 2 backpacking kids. Anyways our trip is over now and I’m back in Santa Barbara at school but you guys are still going!! Happy trails and good luck!

  2. Sasha Coben says:

    Hey guys! Looks like you’re having fun! Let me know when you come through Truckee and Tahoe, I’ll be there!

  3. Charlie says:

    Today is a special Trail Bums day. It is Patrick’s birthday. HAPPY BIRTHDAY PAT.

  4. Jenn Christiansen says:

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY PAT!!!!!!! =]

  5. meth monster says:

    Hey Damon, Hey Pat. how ya doin? Not still in Ft. Bragg I hope. Since I dropped you guys off at the McDonalds there I’ve managed to make it back to Ohio, god it sucks. Wish I was hikin with ya or at least still at Usal Beach. I’ll be back there after the rain breaks in the spring. Hope alls going well. Take care of yourselves. Dave

  6. Dave says:

    Hey guys, how are you? Been a while, how far have you made it? It’s a couple days before Christmas, hope you’re spending it with family. Still in Ohio here, not liking it too well either. Miss my little beach in Mendocino County. Gonna try and get back to The Lost Coast by the summer. Hope all’s well, take care of yourselves. Dave

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